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Founded by Maurice Dover in 2016, Astral Business Advisory provides dependable business consulting services, focusing on business strategy planning, lead generation, and system implementation.

We help small and medium-sized businesses drive more sales and increase revenues while lowering costs by developing and implementing effective strategies. We realise that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we work closely with you to come up with hands-on solutions to grow YOUR business.

Meet The Founder

Certified Business Management Consultant

Using in-depth analysis of the business and his expertise in the field, Maurice Dover makes sure that every business owner that works with him sees at least a 20% (and in some cases, 30%) improvement in their cash flow.


Carved out of hard work, consistency, diligence and the urgency to craft out nothing but excellence in his field, Maurice has followed purpose and excelled. Gifted in management and using 20+ years of diverse experiences, he has formulated a consulting career that focuses on providing solutions to achieve outstanding business success, both traditional and e-commerce.


Because of Maurice’s practical qualifications, he has found solutions for several businesses with multilevel structural complications. One example was a business that had a complex problem in which the systems were leaving uncollected revenue on the table. Maurice introduced a plan that successfully remodelled their engagement process and systems, resulting in a significant bottom line profit improvement.


Experience is how superheroes learn to fly, and Maurice took full advantage of this to build out of himself a business force, strategist and consultant. He is committed to a path of business performance improvement. Maurice also holds an MBA. He is enthusiastic about helping business owners who see success as an important virtue in achieving financial and lifestyle independence.

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